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About Reg

Bringing the outside, inside...

Reg Smith's photographs are captured as gallery-quality art prints that will compliment almost any home or business decor and last for decades. Reg's photos are processed to his specifications with rich, deep colors and sharp contrast.

In this day of generic, industrialized wall art, these fine photographic prints can dramatically set your business apart through their tone, quality, and subject. These photographs look fantastic in an office or business setting, and are perfect for restaurants, professional offices, conference rooms, lobbies, and other interiors in need of beautiful artwork. The photos are equally elegant in your home above the mantlepiece, in your living room, home office, exercise room... anywhere you'd appreciate an artistic window to a peaceful setting or vista.

The subject matter compliments many decors and creates a visual connection to beautiful, natural settings. There is nothing quite like a framed professional photo to bring the outside, inside.

The prints are available individually, shipped directly to you, or you may choose to have your print shipped to you already custom framed and matted. If you choose to have your picture arrive already framed, you may specify a custom frame shop on this website at the time of purchase. You will arrange all your framing and shipping options directly with your selected framing shop. We will deliver your new print directly to your selected framing shop, which will then frame, matte, and ship your finished artwork to you in the manner in which you have arranged with them.

With proper care your print can be expected to retain its rich color in excess of 50 years. Your print should not be exposed to direct sunlight. If you are going to be handling the print itself make sure you have a clean flat dry surface to lay the print on. At a minimum make sure your hands are clean before handling the print (white cotton gloves/handkerchief are an even better option). Prints easily show finger prints or crease when being handled. Always hold the print by opposite corners to avoid damage.